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Lee Hom Shanghai Concert 2008 Held

Oct.18, 2008, ¡°Lee Hom Shanghai Concert 2008¡± was held at Shanghai Stadium. The concert was hosted jointly by Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, Shanghai Asian Music Culture and Art Co., Ltd. and other companies. As the special performance of this year¡¯s Anti-piracy Activity, famous singing stars like Pu Bajia were also invited to the concert.


This concert is Lee Hom¡¯s Shanghai return concert since his last one two years ago. On the beginning of the concert, he incarnated himself as the ¡°Iron Warrior¡± and descending from the sky with guitar. His first song was ¡°What¡¯s Up Rock!¡±, which is also the theme of the concert. The excellent performance of Lee Hom¡¯s classical songs such as ¡°Descendants of Long¡±, ¡°Hua Tian Cuo¡±, ¡°Beside The Plum Blossoms¡± and ¡°Heroes Of The Earth¡± enchanted the concert¡¯s atmosphere to a climax. Lee Hom said excitedly that: ¡°this is the biggest stadium of my world tour concerts!¡±


The concert lasted for three hours and the organizers will donate 10 Yuan from each ticket to Sichuan earthquake disaster area for the area¡¯s reconstruction.

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