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Signing Ceremony of Animation Film The Silk Boy--World Expo Champion Launched


Hosted by Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, Huzhou City Government and Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, the joint investment contract of 3D animation film The Silk Boy--World Expo Champion was signed on April 16th 2009, which declares the film a present to Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

The film is adapted from the cartoon novel The Silk Boy¡¯s Adventure written by Xu Xizeng, which told a story that a merchant Xu Rongcun presented well-known local silk to the first World Expo held in London, and was awarded gold and silver prizes. A hundred years later, the Silk Boy, posterity of Xu Rongcun, scorned silk industry which his family managed several generations. However, an adventure made him full-fledged later. According to Liu Yuchu, the film director, the Silk Boy was dubbed by Jackie Chan, world famous HongKong film star.

The film represented a Chinese fairy tale with advanced CG technique on the theme of environmental protection and harmonious society. With the background of virtual structures and real landmarks, anthropopathic animals and plants, colorful singing & dancing and Chinese Kongfu, the movie is expected to impress the audiences profoundly, which is to be finished before the opening ceremony of World Expo 2010 and copied as multiple-language types showing in several nations presenting China silk culture and promoting World Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

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