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2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary Art Exhibition Opened in Taiwan



Speak&Describe¡ª2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary Art Exhibition, co-hosted by National Art Museum of China  and Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, while supported by our Foundation, ceremoniously opened at Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts on May 23rd,2009. Prof.Shen Genlin, Secretary General, was invited to address at the ceremony. The exhibition showcased 58 works by artists, who were born from 1930s to 1980s, among which 29 are from China mainland and 29 from China Taiwan.The exhibits, featuring the theme of ¡°Speak&Describe¡±, aimed at exploring cross-strait contemporary art in the multi-narrative-oriented show. Divided into three sub-themes ---¡°History and Memory¡±, ¡°Reality and Introspection¡± and ¡°Personal Experience and Public Area¡± --- the exhibits were composed of paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, videos etc. 

Speak&Describe¡ª2009 Cross-Strait Contemporary Art Exhibition is the first large-scale contemporary art exhibition jointly organized by art museums across the Taiwan strait. The 58 artists took the theme ¡°Speak&Describe¡± as an opportunity to create their works through multi-media and multi-languages with a clue of time. The works are rich in contents and diverse in forms, involving the existing historic evolution, social context, cultural tradition as well as individual impressions, experiences, and thinking, which give a comprehensive reflection of the outlook of cross-strait contemporary art. 

The exhibition will last till June 28th, and then from July 23rd to Aug 13th, it will be presented at National Art Museum of China in Beijing, which is accompanied by academic symposiums, lectures and a series of public educational programs. The exhibition is a record-breaker in the cross-strait art exchange history, which provides the opportunity for the audiences across the Strait to enjoy the latest artworks at same term.

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