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Grant Method for Projects

Grant Method for Projects (2007)

Chapter One General Principle

Article 1: To strengthen the management of project granting of Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the SHCDF), this Method is established in accordance with both Management Method for Foundations by the State Department and the Charter of the SHCDF.

Article 2: The mission of the grant is: to fund public culture, support key projects, promote cultural innovation, collect cultural talents, facilitate cultural exchanges, so as to dedicate to the prosperity of Shanghai's cultural undertaking.

Article3: The principle of the grant is: openness, justice, fairness, and normativeness.

Chapter Two Grant Areas

Article 4: The scope for grant of the SHCDF is: compositions, researches, performances, productions, publications, exhibitions, exchanges and talents trainings in fields like literature, cultural research, film & TV, drama, traditional opera, music, dance, acrobatics, fine arts, calligraphy, photography, books and mass culture activities.

Article 5: The grant projects of the SHCDF shall be:

(1) Key literary & artistic creation as well as culture & art activities projects that are original, classical, leading and demonstrative, representative of the nation’s culture.

(2) Key literary & artistic creation as well as culture & art activities projects that embody the time spirit and the reality, and bear high mental and cultural connotations, as well as to embody socialist core value system artistically.

(3) Key literary & artistic creation as well as culture & art activities projects that are original, innovative and explorative with good social benefits and potential market.

(4) Mass culture activities and literary & artistic creation projects that embody Shanghai’s spirit and inheritance of the national culture.

(5) Cultural exchange projects that carry forward the nation’s culture, promote cultural exchange both at home and abroad, so as to enhance cultural competition strength and development of Shanghai.

(6) Allowance to stage performance projects that promotes the prosperity of performance market and meets the needs of the public.

(7) Other cultural projects entrusted by the government or listed in key projects of Shanghai.

For specific requirements. please refer to the Detailed Implementation Rules of Project Granting and the detailed rules of Shanghai Grand Theatre Arts Group Development Fund, Shanghai Culture and Art Talents Fund and Shanghai Books Publishing Special Fund, which are affiliated to the SHCDF.

Article 6: The following are eligible to apply for grants from the SHCDF:

(1) Citizens with registered permanent residence status in Shanghai;

(2) Legal persons or other organizations registered in Shanghai;

(3) Citizens from other provinces of China with residence permit of Shanghai;

(4) Foreigners working in Shanghai with permanent residence permit.

The applicants that are entrusted by the government or listed in the key projects at the municipal level, if under special circumstances, are permitted to break through the above restrictions and apply to the SHCDF.

Article 7: The staff of the SHCDF shall not apply for the grant.

Article 8: According to the demand of Shanghai cultural development, the SHCDF makes yearly plan of grant scheme and application guide.

Chapter Three Application and Evaluation

Article 9: Projects submitted for application shall be the ones that will be or have been launched in this year and finished in the year or next year (except for creation of literature and play book), and meet with the yearly grant scheme released by the SHCDF. Generally, the SHCDF will not accept projects that have been turned into the later period or basically completed.

Article 10: The applicant shall submit the Application Form and other related materials, such as playbooks, audio and video materials to the SHCDF.

Article 11: The appraisal work will be implemented in accordance with the Appraisal Regulations of the SHCDF. After affirming the qualification, the Experts Evaluation Committee will evaluate the projects.

The evaluation process will be carried out in two procedures of appraisal and approval. The Experts Evaluation Committee will appraise the qualified projects and make suggestions on the grant sum. The Examination and Approval Committee then makes final decision of the grant list and the sum based on the suggestions made by the Experts Evaluation Committee.

Article 12: The Examination and Approval Committee has the power to make decision on specific projects and sum directly according to the actual trend of cultural development in Shanghai and the commission by the municipal government.

Article 13: The members of the Experts Evaluation Committee and the Examination and Approval Committee shall avoid appraising the projects directly related to them.

Article 14: Once decided, the SHCDF will release the granted projects to the public, and inform the applicants in written form.

Chapter Four Agreement Signing and Fund Granting

Article 15: With the grant notice, the grant recipient shall sign the Project Grant Agreement with the SHCDF, complete related forms and grant procedures.

For investment projects with the approval of the Examination and Approval Committee, SHCDF consigns Shanghai Jinwin Investment Co.,Ltd to sign the Project Investment Agreement with the applicants. The former is in charge of the assessment and retrieving of the fund to the invested projects.

Article 16: The grant recipient shall set up an independent account for the project, appoint special personnel to manage the financial affairs and make use of the fund according to the Project Grant Agreement, as well as submit Process Report and other related documentation.

Article 17: According to the accounting system in China, the SHCDF is entitled to do business accounting before appropriating funds and receive financial inspection and auditing from the related authorities.

Article 18: Having accomplished the project, the grant recipient shall accept the supervision by the SHCDF and submit Achievements Report and Final Accounts Form to the SHCDF, and provides voluntarily the materials of the project, such as records, videos, pictures, photos, texts, books etc.

Article 19: When the project is being carried out, the grant recipient must declare that it is granted by the SHCDF. And the SHCDF has the legal right to make use of the project achievements according to related agreement.

Chapter Five Project Assessment and Audit

Article 20: The SHCDF will organize experts to assess, examine and do final account on the accomplished projects and even conduct an audit, if necessary. To projects whose quality is far from the stipulated standard, the SHCDF is entitled to instruct the grant recipient to further improve on it, the cost of which shall fall on the grant recipient.

Article 21: The fund granted by the SHCDF should not be used to invest on fixed assets in principle. To those fixed assets purchased under special circumstances, the SHCDF is entitled to withdraw, purchase back at depreciated rate or entrust related bodies to keep and use the assets, when the project is accomplished.

Article 22: For those grant recipients who break the contract, resort to deception, or embezzle the fund, the SHCDF, depending on how serious the case is, will take such measures as postponing, stopping or calling back part or all of the fund. For those very serious cases, the grant recipients will be investigated under the law.

Article 23: In case the grant recipient fails to implement or accomplish the project under force majeure, it is supposed to inform the SHCDF, who will then postpone, stop or cancel the granting.

Article 24: If the SHCDF decides to terminate or repeal the grant project, the grant recipient shall settle the accounts within a month after receiving the notice, and submit the Granted Project Process Report and Final Accounts Form of Granted Project to the SHCDF.

Article 25: The management of the SHCDF project granting is consigned and led by the superior administration. The SHCDF Experts Evaluation Committee Office and SHCDF Supervision Office are in charge of the routine work jointly, and report to the superior administration and the Examination and Approval Committee.

Chapter Six Appendix

Article 26: the SHCDF is entitled the sole right to the interpretation of the Method.

Article 27: The Method comes into force on March 1st, 2007.

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