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Guide to Application for Grants

Question 1. How has project grants been going since it was launched?

Answer: Since September 2004, consigned by the government, the SHCDF launched the project grants toward the whole society, which has boomed Shanghai’s culture and art creation and promoted its cultural undertaking as well. Up to now, three rounds of project grants have been carried out, including 1078 applied projects, and 237 projects approved and granted. The total sum of the granting is nearly 120 million. Among the qualified grant projects, there are some excellent ones of wide social influence, which represent high artistic level of Shanghai and China, with nationality, demonstration, originality and public-benefit. Some private enterprises and individual applicants have also been granted after examination, which embodies the principle of the grant: openness, fairness, justice and norm.

Question 2. What are the criteria of project grants?

Answer: The SHCDF pays close attention to the projects with the following features: First, projects of demonstration, reflecting the time spirit, Shanghai spirit and the charm of Chinese culture. Second, projects“Made in Shanghai”with deep mind and cultural connotation as well as high artistic level, reflecting culture innovation and originality. Third, projects of public benefit, wide range of audience, good social effect and wide influence. The SHCDF will provide policy support and preferential treatment for the major themes and projects of key culture and art creation in Shanghai by project bidding, to strengthen the demonstration and innovation of advanced culture in project grants.

Question 3. What are the features of the appraisal mechanism of project grants?

Answer: The evaluation process follows a two-step evaluation system of appraisal and approval by the Experts Evaluation Committee and the Examination and Approval Committee.

In order to enhance the appraisal quality with the principle of openness, fairness and justice, we take the following measures:

(1) To set up Experts Evaluation Base. The base is equipped with a lot of experts specialized in culture and art with rich working experience and cultural administration talents, which is continuously expanding, enriching and adjusting itself.

(2) To appraise the projects according to the appraisal group. We classify the groups by artistic category into literature, cultural research, film and TV, stage art, fine arts, drama, mass culture, etc, to evaluate the applicants separately and to decide by secret ballot.

(3) To carry out avoiding system. The members of the Experts Evaluation Committee and the Examination and Approval Committee shall avoid appraising the programs directly related to them.

(4) To increase the transparency of the appraisal. From this year, the SHCDF will release the list of project grants on the SHCDF website and major publications to accept the supervision of the whole society.

Question 4. How does the appraisal and supervision work?

Answer: The procedure of project grants involves implementation, appraisal and audit. The grant recipient shall sign Program Grant Contract or Film & TV Series Program Grant Contract with the SHCDF, complete related forms and grant procedures, who is also required to submit Progress Report on the Grant Program and to submit Report on the Achievements of the Grant Program and Final Accounts Form of Grant Program to the SHCDF after the program is finished.

The SHCDF has set up an integrity record for every applicant. For those grant recipients who break the Contract, resort to deception, or embezzle the fund, the SHCDF will take such measures as postponing, stopping or calling back part or all the funds.

Question 5. What should the applicants pay attention to?

Answer: There are three points as follows:

(1) Projects that Involve Multiple Participants

This kind of projects should be valid with seal in Application Form by each unit, and should be applied by sponsor unit or unit(s) of contribution.

(2) Project Planning

Some of the proposals are over-brief, which are short of necessary feasibility analysis or basis of the projects, such as purpose, subject, planning creativity, content introduction, schedule, operations, invested capital, etc.

(3) Project Budget

The budget should be of truth and details. The applicants must complete the information like capital raising and income estimation according to the facts.

Question 6. Is there any allowance to stage performance?

Answer: In order to support the stage performance delivered to the basic unit, rural area and schools to meet the needs of the public, the SHCDF has launched allowance to stage performance this year. Any performance group legally registered in Shanghai and has both gained license for commercial performance and satisfies the conditions set in the Detailed Rules and Regulations for Allowance to Performance by the SHCDF is able to apply after the performance with related material. Generally, the allowance projects launched from January to June shall be applied in September of the same year; the allowance projects from July to December shall be applied in March of the next year.

Question 7. What are the new measures for application and grants in 2006?

Answer: The SHCDF has made adjustment and improvement on the operation procedure to bring convenience to applicants and to improve the work efficiency. Relevant contents about project planning are required to be put into the Application Form of this year, so no more repeated proposal submissions are need. The procedure can be simplified for those who have applied before and have submitted their identity documents.

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