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Mr. Shi Zhecun


Mr. Shi Zhecun, who is in his nineties, has written many new pieces of works, and his style of writing is still sharp.

From the 1930s, Mr. Shi Zhecun has written different kinds of novels and essays such as the Head of General, One Rainy Evening, A Collection under the Light. He is good at psychoanalysis and stream-of-consciousness novels, combining them with traditional realistic style and thus creating a unique language for novel. In recent years, domestic and foreign literature circles fully recognize that the pioneering spirit was already embodied in his early works. His novels in 1920s-1930s have been published again and again, and are studied by scholars in modern Chinese literature field.

Mr. Shi Zhecun's achievements in translation and edition field have been equally triumphant. Since young, he has persisted in introducing tens of volumes of excellent works worldwide to China. In his early years, Mr. Shi Zhecun edited and published many literature magazines, among which the monthly Modern enjoyed wide influence. In his later years, he edited such academic journal as China Comparative Literature, Word Study and participated in the organization of some large literature series. He is a conscientious and creative editor for decades, who has made significant contribution.

As he started university teaching, Mr. Shi Zhecun focused on the study of ancient Chinese literature covering such areas as poems, expository essays and golden stone inscriptions and thereby nicknamed Encyclopedical Expert. A Hundred Essays on Tang Poems, his recent work, is a comprehensive collection of his work on Tang Poems, which reflects his unique approaches to and sharp views on Tang literature, creating a new style of writing. This book has been published again and again in China and has been used as part of the teaching materials at Yale University.

Mr. Shi Zhecun's work increases with age. He is continuing with his writing, dedicating his efforts and energy to the development of our motherland's culture.

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